Baptism candle

A baptism/christening is always an exciting event in the life of our churches. These are most often for babies or children but we also believe that a person of any age can be baptised so please ask if this is your hope. The sprinkling of water from a font is the norm but we do also believe that baptism by full immersion for adults is very possible. Please contact our Parish administrator if you wish to find out more about a baptism in any of our three churches in the Benefice.

Things to consider; if you live outside the parish of the church you wish to be baptised in, you need to ask for written permission from your local Church of England Church for your baptism to take place in one of our churches. We would also ask you to attend church regularly so you can get to know us a little, and begin this journey of faith. We begin the booking process after you have been to church and nearer the time our Rector will come to visit you and the Godparents who can make it, to talk through the baptism.

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