Resumption of services in the Benefice

Resumption of services in the Benefice

Dear Friends,

I trust that you are well and continuing to be close to Christ.

I am writing to tell you about the next step in the resumption of services in the Benefice.

On Sunday 2nd August we will be meeting in Little Munden for Holy Communion and live streaming from there. As usual everyone will need to book in with Marion. There will be fewer places than at Standon (as the church is smaller) and so book your place early! This perhaps especially applies to those in the Dane End area!

The one difference to our normal pattern this month is that there will not be a service at Sacombe on the fifth Sunday as we cannot live stream from Sacombe (the internet connection is insufficient).
In September we will be looking to return to our previous pattern of services for Sunday mornings, with alternating services during the month at Standon and Little Munden at 10.30am, which will include two Holy Communions and two Morning Worship. There will also be the two 8.00 am BCP Holy Communion services at Standon.

We are looking at our afternoon and evening services, and both have difficulties for different reasons. Evensong will not be resuming until we receive the all-clear again to sing. The Centre also has difficulty resuming in the previous pattern and the Community Centre will not open until September. However during the summer school holidays we are having Sunday picnics in church grounds as long as the weather is fair, and otherwise continuing with the Zoom services. Everyone needs to look out for announcements each week, but perhaps this is in keeping with the nature of the Centre, keeping everything fresh!!

We are also looking into resuming the Tuesday midweek service at Sacombe by seeing the demand from those who usually attend. However, we will not, for the present, resume the Wednesday midweek service at Standon, for a variety of reasons (cleaning, moving of chairs, etc).

Meanwhile you may have seen that face coverings are being strongly advised for all who attend church. In other words, it is not compulsory but is highly encouraged. Those taking part in the service (readers, intercessors, Caroline and myself) will be asked not to be masked whilst speaking, for the sake of clarity in communication. However, we will ensure that we are an absolute minimum of two metres from people whilst speaking. Everything is being done to try to ensure the safety of everyone in church.

Do please continue praying for us. It is a joy to be able to serve here in these strange and challenging times.

With much love