Resumption of Services

Dear Friends,

It is a great pleasure to be able to write to you now that there is more hope in the air. It has been a hard winter with both the virus and the weather, but on both fronts there now seems to be relief in sight! As a church we continue to pray for our villages and lift you to God. On a more practical front we are delighted in the take up of the boxes of hope for those who have been struggling in particular.

You will see on this flyer that our services in person are resuming. We felt, for reasons of personal safety, that it was wiser to continue online for a while, but as of Palm Sunday (28th March) we will be in church again. This is a great joy but sadly there will still be masks, social distancing and no singing, as well as the need to book in.

Other work is happening in and around the church. The fundraising for the Sadleir tombs is gathering pace and we hope to start the work this year. Before Easter the work on the lime trees should be done, so that they do not start to present a danger. They may look bare for a while but will come back! Also, you will see elsewhere that we are having our usual Holiday Club after Easter. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me.

The greatest news of all for Christians is Easter. I know it comes round every year, but it is still, in my opinion, the greatest news ever, and especially in this year. Many have been bereaved, either through COVID 19 or through other illnesses, and often the funerals have had to be limited in scope and numbers. There is a sadness in the air. But the events of Easter give the greatest hope. This is the story of the only human ever to have died and to have conquered death. He is the one who shows that there is life after death and what that life is like. This is one of the great reasons why Christians look to Jesus all the time: He conquered death!

Even in the midst of the awful virus there is hope: in vaccines, in the love of others, in government support, but above all that there is the hope of eternal life. May God bless you this Easter!

With love in Christ