Services following the 19th July lifting of restrictions

From 19th July, all legal restrictions are lifted on services in our churches. We want to take advantage of the easing, but we also want to keep everyone safe, and we know, too, that some will be nervous about the new freedoms. This is what we have decided for now:

  • there will no longer be a booking in process for services so there is no longer a need to let Marion know you are coming, but you will need to ‘sign in’ when you arrive so we know who’s there
  • we ask that everyone continues to wear a mask, to protect those around you
  • we will be able to sing, praise God, but we will have fewer hymns than usual, and we ask that you sing through your mask to minimise the risk, except when we’re outside
  • Bibles, hymn books and service orders will be in the pews rather than handed out by welcomers
  • there will be ‘please leave this seat free’ notices in the pews for you to use to help distance yourself from others – please leave all books etc in the pews afterwards
  • there will be an area in each church where chairs will be placed spaced out, so that distancing can be guaranteed
  • we will offer communion to those who wish to receive it at the front, but we will continue to provide individual elements as we’ve been doing. We won’t be sharing the chalice, and we will arrange it so that we’re not touching surfaces
  • for now, we won’t serve coffee and tea, but we’d like to know how you feel about it, so please let us know. If we do decide to serve refreshments, we’ll need more helpers!
  • there will be feedback forms available in the pews; please fill one in and let us know if you have other suggestions or concerns

If you are at all worried about any of this, please speak to John.