Update 11th December 2021

Dear Friends

As you will have seen in the media, we are at the beginning of covid restrictions once again. I am writing this on Saturday 11th December; we have all learned that with covid there sometimes need to be rapid changes in policy. However, as we stand, the plans for our Christmas activities are as follows:

  • We must wear mask at all our services (unless the person is exempt). Disposable masks will be available in church in case someone forgets.
  • All of our planned services will be taking place as things stand.
  • We are not planning on bookings for services. (The only exception to these last two points is Sacombe Holy Communion on Boxing day, which is under review)
  • I am asking everyone to go to only one Carol service in the Benefice. This will reduce numbers generally and so be safer.
  • It is possible that one or both of the Christingle services will be outside, given the numbers of children involved. If so, the service will be shorter and a full health and safety check will be done. (St. Mary’s Standon, given its size, is intrinsically safer than the other two churches, which is why different approaches may apply)
  • The choir will operate with different numbers and locations in church, according to the building and service. Choir members will be briefed fully by Michael about this. There is no need to wear masks to sing, although congregation members may wish to do so.
  • We are reviewing how we administrate Holy Communion on the Christmas services
  • The Centre, as a café church, will not need to wear masks, but there will be a review of how we operate going on into the New Year (there are no services over Christmas).

John Chitham, Rector