Services during Holy Week

Services during Holy Week

Dear Friends,

As I write another week has started. Our Queen has evoked the war image of “we’ll meet again” which she uniquely can say. We thank God for her and for her faith. And our Prime Minister has had to go to hospital due to the virus. I trust we will pray for him as we pray for our whole government.

But this week, of all weeks, has a greater meaning to it. This is Holy Week, where we remember the events from Palm Sunday until Easter Sunday. These events will be remembered long after COVID 19 is forgotten, because they are the turning point of world history. Our Lord’s journey to the cross, through the dark night of Gethsemane to trial, crucifixion and resurrection is how God reconciled the world to himself. Ordinarily we would be meeting for various services in our churches to pray, remember and celebrate these great deeds. This year, as we know, we cannot. Instead all will have to be done virtually.

Our service pattern will be on the website with links through to You Tube. We plan to have Morning Prayer every morning this week except Friday (and Sunday). On Thursday at 7.30 pm in the evening there will be a Maundy Thursday Holy Communion service following a pattern I have devised. On Friday we will have both the service around the cross (as usually happens at Little Munden) at 10.30 am in the morning and an hour at the cross with four reflections at 2 pm in the afternoon. On Sunday at 10.30 am we will have our Easter Holy Communion.

Please pray for these services; pray especially for Rich who will spend a long time setting them up. Pray that they will be transmitted successfully! And also tell your friends and neighbours about them. Many are asking questions at this time and to have something both local and gospel-centred can be a great witness.

I have recently received a meditation on Psalm 91 from a friend of mine, Ruth Guinness, who works in a Bible College in Malawi. I think it may well be a great help to many in our present situation and I have asked Rich to put it on the website. Do have a look at it.

Finally, as ever, continue to pray for each other, phone one another and keep an eye open for your neighbours. Feel free to call me if there is anyone who is poorly or struggling in any other way.

With much love and prayers