Stepping back and trusting God

The story’s told of two young cockney boys declaring their devotion to one another. ‘Oi Bobby, if you had a million pounds, would you give me half? Of course I would. If you had a thousand marbles, would you give me half? You know I would. If you had ten marbles, would you give me half? That’s not fair, you know I’ve got ten marbles.’

I’m sure you agree this is a silly story even by my standards, but it does raise an interesting question: many of us talk of what we would do if we had more money, or more time, but the more important question is this: what are we willing to do with what we actually have?

As you receive this April Newsletter, the well-known events of Good Friday and Easter Day are nearly behind us. What does/did Easter mean to you? Our twenty-four-year-old son Henry turned away from God and the church nearly eight years ago. This broke our hearts back then, but we know a relationship with God only makes sense when you yourself want it. How hard it is to step back and trust God to look after those we love. (Stepping back doesn’t mean stop praying!). Well, several months ago Henry went to a church in Cambridge and found Jesus again. Jesus had not gone anywhere of course, but we sometimes drift away for a time. Henry is being baptised in his church on the afternoon of Easter Day and we are so thankful to God. What will you do with what God has done for you? Will you love him? Follow him?

We as a family, with genuine sadness, have some news for you all. We are moving on from this lovely Benefice with our last Sunday on 3rd June. When I first became a Vicar I saw many amazing people already doing the work I was just starting, and wondered what I could bring? I knew most were better than me in so many ways, but I had unique skills to offer as we all do. Since then, Jill and I have used the God given gifts we do have, to help several churches find renewed spiritual life and direction, before passing this transformed work onto someone else. It is a privilege to help, but immensely sad when it’s time for us to move on. As we head to St. John’s, Upper Holloway, we will miss so many new friends we have made here but go on praying for that beautiful work God is doing amongst you. Thank you.

Alan & Jill Comfort