St Catherine's, Sacombe

Standing on a wooded hillside between Sacombe Pound and Sacombe Green, St Catherine’s has served the community for 1000 years and probably longer. The listed building has some important monuments in stone and glass.

While the local population is very small St Catherine’s draws congregations and visitors from across the benefice and beyond, to services and events. We also welcome walkers and cyclists, individuals tracing their ancestors and those interested in the wild flowers of the churchyard. The churchyard is a designated County Wildlife Site because of the variety of native flora growing there.

Many visitors comment on the tranquil beauty of the church and the spiritual serenity they experience. Some come regularly just to sit and be at peace.

Our aim is for St Catherine’s to be useful all the year round, both as a place of worship and retreat, where people can feel restored and supported in tranquillity, and as a centre of village life. For that to happen we need to provide kitchen and toilet facilities. We welcome your support, your prayers, your presence at our activities, your ideas, and your physical or financial help.

May all who visit our ancient Church of St Catherine experience the peace of Jesus Christ, which has inspired the worship of Almighty God through the generations in Sacombe.