Services List

Services List

During the Coronavirus crisis our churches have been closed. We are now open for private prayer and beginning to resume public worship on Sunday mornings. We have the following services and talks that can be accessed through our website:

Morning Prayer

These services have been pre-recorded, and are no longer being uploaded. Feel free to browse the previous services.

  1. Visit the UBSMS YouTube page. You can do this by clicking here.
  2. Click on the Videos tab at the top of the page. Morning Prayer can be found in the list of videos uploaded.
  3. Worship, pray and enjoy!

Sunday Morning Worship with Holy Communion

This service is live streamed. However, if you wish to attend in person you will need to register by emailing the administrator on [email protected] from Monday morning to Friday evening as we must restrict the numbers present to enable safe social distancing.

  1. Visit the UBSMS YouTube page. You can do this by clicking here.
  2. The Live-stream video should appear on the page (it'll say "Live now" on it). Click on the video to begin watching. (If you are struggling to find it, try clicking on the ‘videos’ tab at the top of the YouTube page.)
  3. The stream will go live just before 10.30am so that everybody has time to get the video ready and to allow all congregation members to be involved in the worship as soon as it begins. The service itself will begin at 10.30am.
  4. Worship, pray and enjoy!
  5. Top tip: Perhaps at the end you could make a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy it with your family or contact other members of the congregation for a chat and a catch-up!

Tales of Jesus

  1. Visit The Centre's YouTube page. You can do this by clicking here
  2. The Tales of Jesus videos will appear on the page.

The Centre Community Church

Sunday afternoon; visit The Centre's Facebook page for more detauls

Sunday Evensong

Sunday Evensongs will occur as announced